Vortex Tour Guide, Medicine Wheel Guide, and friend of Suzanne McMillan

Jean-Marie"I love to share wisdom that ignites and awakens others to who they are. To help them feel more connected to Life, to Earth and to Spirit. So they may feel EXPANSIVE and filled with PEACE."

"My first visit to Sedona was in 1987 from Orcas Island in Washington State. Once a year for 12 years I returned to The Red Rocks and Oak Creek. I Found great Solitude, Empowerment and Inspiration here. Sedona has been Father to me and Orcas Island has been Mother. Orcas Island too was a place where the Native peoples brought their people for healing. They did not reside on Orcas. They buried the transitioned and prayed and healed on Orcas as they have done in Sedona.

"I enjoy meeting people who come from all over the world to experience these majestic Red Rocks. I love to share the stories I know of Indigenous peoples use of this land. I guide healing meditations and share her geology. I guide the Vortex Tours and Medicine Wheel Ceremonials in this spirit.

"Your tour will be tailored to your physical capacity and interests. You will be picked up and dropped off at your place of lodging in a comfortable van with large windows. You will be brought to the sacred vortexs to spend some time in their energies resting, walking, or hiking. You will be guided and taught what generates these vorteces, what makes Sedona so unique and most importantly how to experience deep healing and transformation in their presence.

Jean-Marie has also worked with Suzanne for five years and proudly carries the torch for the Sedona Vortex Tours mission statement....

Mission Statement:
"Our intention is to provide the means for you to connect with your Higher Self or Source, so that you can access this knowing at will on a daily basis. It is with this intention that all our tours, retreats and programs align."

Suzanne McMillan,
founder of Sedona Vortex Tours



Suzanne McMillan (1943-2006)
Suzanne has been leading people on spiritual quests since 1987 across the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

"I see greatness blooming within all my staff, as you soon will discover, when you participate and get to know us. They have passion for what they do and are about. Now they are sharing and teaching our client's by example and extending the vision. I have hand-picked each team member for their integrity, inner beauty, brilliance, connection to their higher self, dedication to their particular craft of opening persons to the heart. Each Team member comes with a wide variety of training, inspiration, and sacred tools and modalities gathered from teachers, mentors, and wise ones offering you a beautiful bouquet of tools and experiences.", ~Suzanne

Suzanne's Rich and Dynamic Background
Suzanne's background covers a lifetime of thirty eight years of meditating as well as attending, assisting and being trained by the best in the field of personal growth for the past three decades.  She has assisted Werner Ehart in the EST programs, as well as living at Leonard Orrs' Rebirthing Community.  She was certified as a rebirther by Leonard Orr.  Leonard is the grandfather of the breath work seminars that have taken the country by storm.  She facilitated the community projects for the Justin Sterling Women and Men's workshops in Santa Cruz, CA.  It was here that she learned how to put a workshop together with a beginning, middle and end ... each piece building on the next for a desired intent and outcome.

She attended and assisted in the Sage Workshops based out of Santa Barbara and San Jose, California.  The gift of these workshops was the knowing that each of us are our own "sage" or wise person from within; that each role we play in life is just that ... a part. 

Suzanne PrayerSuzanne holds a BA in Art from Eckerd College. She received her Holistic Health Practitioner and Massage certification in 1979 from Heartwood College in Santa Cruz, CA.  She facilitated the guided meditations of John Gray ("Men are from Mars ...") and Barbara De Angelis, PhD. (Relationship author) first relationship workshops in the early 80's in Los Angeles.  She was the personal masseuse for Sondra Ray and her staff for the Loving Relationships workshops throughout California in the early 80's.

In her early twenties Suzanne read every book she could get her hands on in metaphysics:  Gina Ceminera, Ruth Montgomery, Edgar Cayce, Jess Stern, etc.  Later followed with Dick Sutfcan, Page Bryant as well as visits with Muktananda, Dali Lama, Baba Hari Das.

All this training and experience gives Suzanne the insight to see beyond the ordinary and guide you deeper and easier within your soul's corridors with safety, grace and ease. 

Suzanne believes that if you dare to assist a person in opening to their higher self ... you have an equal responsibility to see that the person is brought to the other side of their opening with support, understanding and a basket of safety.  You don't open a person up spiritually and leave them hanging.  You provide a stable environment for their life to continue to shift, move and evolve with the tools carefully put in place to facilitate the evolution of the individual's soul.

Suzanne Council HealingShe went onto to be the first active minister at Harbin Hot Springs' alternative community, establishing Sunday morning gatherings and preparing the way for the arrival of Cherokee Shaman, Grandpa Roberts.  Suzanne and Grandpa Roberts co-facilitated the gatherings until his passing the week after Harmonic convergence in 1987. 

Suzanne Arms Up

It was at this time that Suzanne was guided by the channeled messages she received, to travel throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and South America erecting transceiving stations at power points to unite the Americas on the ley lines or freeways of energy (much like the meridians of the physical body correlating with body of the mother earth).  These journeys changed her life as she became very aware of the living, breathing, pulsating, vibrancy of the mother earth's very existence. Her passion ran through her veins so very strong and wild, energizing her very being to move forward and live in Sedona, Arizona. 

Once in Sedona in 1988 she met John Armbruster; shaman, healer and geomancer. John taught her about the very essence of the energies of the Sedona vortex sites. Together they did sweat lodges, retreats and sacred journeys on the land for Suzanne's clients. In 1994 Suzanne was guided to create the original Sedona Meditation Tours. The vortex tour combined her work with John Armbruster and her work in the Yucatan Peninsula doing earth healing work at the pyramid sites with groups for two weeks at a time.
(Remembering John)

Magical Blend PhotoIn Sedona she quickly saw a need for persons to learn how to enter and leave the sacred vortex sites with honor and respect. She continued to do massage, personal readings, emotional release, past life regressions, vision quests and goal setting for individuals on an a la carte basis.

"Thank you for visiting my personal biography page.  I pray you will be well on your spiritual path and should you decide to receive any of our services or retreats, may they lighten your journey and assist in awakening you to your higher self."